Being Indecisive is Expensive..

We get it..

You’re a young adult who’s been in school for thirteen years but you’re still unsure of the talents you have, or the area of study you should pursue in university.


No biggie.

You can always change your major.

One time.

Or two times..

Maybe even three times.

Well-meaning parents and counselors will encourage you the follow the well-plotted and well-trod path to a four year undergraduate degree.

The only problem is, less than half of students who start at a four year institution finish with a bachelor’s degree.

According to the National Student Clearinghouse, as of 2016, there are 12.5 million adults who have left college short of a degree.  Those same adults are buried in student loan debt with nothing to show for it.

We have the solution.

Join our membership of young people and connect with experienced mentors who need YOUR help on various projects.  You’ll have the chance to test out different fields of interest, connect with innovators, change-makers and entrepreneurs in various industries and get a better feel for what lies ahead before paying a penny at university.

We don’t want price to hold you up from experiencing our membership benefits.  That’s why we have kept our pricing low, providing you with the best deal possible.


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